Meet Anthony

Meet Anthony

Anthony Myers (on the right) was a normal sixteen-year-old just two short weeks ago. Life was as good as it gets for a sixteen-year-old boy. Anthony was learning to drive, scoring touchdowns on the football field, working hard in school, and hanging out with friends. He enjoyed spending time with his parents, Ed and Jessie, older brother Nico, and younger sister Gia. However, on Sunday October 21, Anthony’s life changed drastically. He woke up early that morning and started seizing. His mom rushed him to the Reading Hospital, and from there he was quickly transferred to the Hershey Medical Center. Doctors performed an MRI and discovered a brain tumor. A biopsy was performed, and the Myers family received the devastating news. Anthony was diagnosed with brain cancer: Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma.

The call of the diagnosis came on Thursday, October 25, 2018. Anthony and mom listened to the doctor’s explanation of the Stage 3 malignant (anaplastic astrocytoma) tumor. Anthony then called dad to let him know and asked mom to take him to practice, and off they went. Later in the evening, after the family was home together, Anthony asked, “Dad, do you think I’m going to survive.”

Dad’s response…

 “Anthony, it’s exactly the same as football. I used to tell my players that we are going to game plan, work hard to prepare, and then fight to win during the game, as hard as we can. At the end of the game, we are going to look at the scoreboard to see the result. That’s exactly what we are going to do with this.” 

Anthony, who said in the first minutes after receiving the diagnosis that he wanted the truth and didn’t want things kept from him, was accepting of the response and the circumstances and is ready for the fight. 


  • Nicole West

    Anthony, you are in my thoughts and prayers. God will see you through this. Stay strong and keep fighting.

  • Sylvia Pituch /Allentown

    Praying through the night, for you, your family, your surgeon and all who will be caring for you. You’ve got this! 🙏

  • louisa

    My prayers are with you and your family. This is a very tough blow. I have had some too, and I have come to see, that paradoxically, they are all God’s chosen gifts for us. It seems like it’s the end, when we first receive such a blow, yet, as we stay with and trust Jesus, our eyes begin to open…we begin to live deeply, in Him. I will pray for you, and I would like to direct you to a road (less traveled, for sure): look outside the box into the connection between parasites and cancer (and other major diseases) and you can find a
    good doctor that can put you on the road to recovery. (I found such doctors on utube)
    In Jesus, Our Healer

  • Kathy Moult

    Hi Anthony,
    I am so proud of your attitude during this fight. You have represented yourself, your family and your school with such grace and dignity, you makes all proud! Know that God is by your side every step of the way and will give you strength each day. You are an inspiration to me everyday in my fight, you are staying so positive, the only way to be!!! Sorry I missed talking-to you at school. I will continue to pray for you and your family, stay strong buddy,

    Mrs. Moult

  • .

    As an athlete who was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year and just finished chemo. Wake up every day and think of yourself as an athlete not a cancer patient and focus on those goals. Stay strong and positive. You’ve got this.

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